Raymond has lead many very different business in DuPont for Europe/MEA; he was the Director for Packaging & Industrial Polymers, Chemicals & Fluoroproducts, Flooring and Lycra®.  But he also had 2 Corporate Director roles for the Europe/MEA region; he was responsible for Sourcing, Procurement & Logistics and Corporate Planning/M&A.

Other companies he worked for were Hewlett Packard, The Conference Board and Impuls-Identity Marketing which he founded when he was still a student.  Currently he is still the President of the Board of DuPont Germany.


Raymond has a passion for Innovation, Business Development and Sustainability. He has a university degree as Commercial Engineer of the Belgian Business School of Solvay.  Raymond has lived in 4 European countries, is fluent in the similar number of languages and has both the Swiss and Dutch nationality.  He lives in Geneva since 1991 with his wife Nathalie and 2 sons, Charles and Victor.


Industries: B2B Industrial, Technology