Inno-Fuel entrepreneurs have engaged with an online investment platform to enable both professional investors and stakeholders of our focus industries to invest in startups / projects.
The current overarching theme we are concentrating on is the Silver Economy and Digital Health - more specifically improving the lives of the elderly, patients, and physicians / health care practitioners. Investment opportunities are thus within digital health startups (mainly through equity) and real estate dedicated to the aging population & medical services (mainly through lending).
Please fill the form below to receive further details on these investment opportunities - a member of Inno-Fuel will contact you:
1° At the forefront of innovation with strong focus
2° “skin-in-the-game” entrepreneurs working themselves with rigorously selected entrepreneurs
3° Ensuring quality deals by focusing on digital health startups while staying close to the needs of healthcare practitioners and their patients
Aligned interests with investors in the quality of deals and financing conditions
5° Ease of use for investors through a digital experience




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Inno-Fuel entrepreneurs have partnered with European online crowdfunding platforms for non-listed investments.
It enables us to offer a direct, simple and secured channel to invest in the startups and projects curated by Inno-Fuel in our areas of expertise.