Eric Maire is a Swiss citizen with high degrees in information technology, and mechanic, enriched with a broad background in the medical field. Eric masters the full innovation value chain of Western Switzerland, and all associated economic players.

Eric is a serial entrepreneur since more than 17 years, having founded several successful businesses in digital, industry and medical field. Among many mandates, Eric acted for 6 years as a Senior Project Director at the Economic Development Agency of the State of Vaud in Switzerland aiming to attract international business, such as international/European headquarters or research and development centers with more than 50 concrete successes (Yahoo, Cisco, SC Johnson, Alexion International, Chiquita, and many others).


Eric is an international business experienced consultant with more than 25 years of practice that provides him an extensive background in company advisory for defining long-term business strategies, driving core technology definitions, business development and international expansion. He has esteemed relations in many countries having traveled for business in more than 40 and lived in 5.


Eric Maire supports innovation and novelty in Switzerland and abroad. He looks for scalable and high-tech projects in which he can add his value for leveraging entrepreneurs’ ideas to a successful and profitable business.


Industries: Technology, Manufacturing