Inno-Fuel has partnered with an online investment platform to enable both professional investors and stakeholders in the industries we are focusing in to invest in the startups we are supporting.
The current overarching theme we are concentrating upon is the health care industry and more specifically improving the life of the doctor and the patient. Investment opportunities are thus within digital health startups (most often through equity) and medical services (most often through lending).
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From now on, you can find your practitioner and book your next appointment 24/7 from the convenience of your personal computer or mobile device. You just have to select an available timeslot that suits you and you get an instant confirmation and a reminder 1 day in advance. You can access all your previous and upcoming appointments in one place, and reschedule or cancel if your practitioner permits.

With, no more hassle, misunderstandings or forgotten appointments.



When one of the largest law firms in LA approached us to handle their rebranding, we were a little intimidated. But after meeting the team, we realized why they had chosen to go with an artsy consulting firm over the usual big four. As their Entertainment Law sector continues to grow, their branding needed to reflect this large part of their business. We took on the challenge head on and are delighted with the results!