We are oriented towards 4 stages of the innovation process:



  • Accelerating innovation

we help technologies to find products & markets


  • Sourcing innovation

we help organizations source innovations adjusted to their innovation strategies


  • Growing value from Innovation

we help organizations to create value out of the in-sourced innovations


  • Fuelling an ecosystem

we help innovation clusters to design & manage their growth engines


Our current projects per industry :



  • Health & Lifesciences,

    • Digital & Devices

      • Primequal

      • Medikal

      • Dermosafe


  • Packaging Industry,

    • Rayform


  • Micro Devices 

    • Visinex


  • Food Industry,

    • In Progress


  • Telecom & Consumer Electronics Industry,

    • Orbiwise


  • Energy & Environment

    • DTI



  • Startups:

Having a promising technology & want to develop a succesfull business ?




  • Corporates / SME's:

Interested to source new technologies, new businesses or establish partnerships with new businesses ?




  • VC's / Business Angels:

Looking for full green light projects to invest in or looking to remove the red lights in the projects offered to you ?




  • Government Instances:

You are considering specific initiatives to improve your innovation ecosystem ?

“As a technology start-up, we were able to immediately identify the market potential of our technology, which enabled us to access the appropriate funding and realize an effective go-to-market plan. "

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Our mission at Inno-Fuel is to become the one stop shop for the main innovation stakeholders in Europe providing the right expertise, resources and network to boost their innovation performance, technology sourcing, market access plan, funding, etc. be it a startup, a small or a large organization.

Our network of experts are committed to design solutions and support, tailored specifically to the needs of your organization in order to ensure you achieve your objectives no matter who you are.


Fuelling the innovation gap




'Technology Sourcing for market needs' 

'Market Acceleration for technology innovation'

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